The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the sporting landscape – and society for that matter – into a frenzy.

It required our MSL team to adapt quickly and innovate with a range of alternative online solutions to service our clients.

Through working closely with our media partner Darts Australia, our crew produced three Iso Challenge tournaments in May and June, whereby players from around the country competed from their own homes.

Logistically it required our broadcast and production team to adjust from a traditional livestream operation, and factor in a number of remote concepts to successfully bring the broadcast to life.

“We had to ensure that the players’ webcams and Internet connections were in-sync to allow the stream to run smoothly,” MSL Production and Broadcast Manager Dale Price said.

“It was a remote set-up from our end, and we had to continuously monitor a range of technical devices relating to the broadcast.”

“Logistically we faced a few challenges with it being a new system – but ultimately, it was a unique and rewarding approach to bring live sport to viewers from across the globe – without the players having to leave their house!”

The pandemic has increased the reliance on conducting virtual and digital services, to adjust to the changing consumer landscape. As such, our team produced a number of sporting club presentation nights and info seminars – both as live events, and as pre-recorded video announcements.

In the absence of live sport, MSL embraced the lockdown by replaying streams and archive footage for clients.

Each Wednesday since April, we streamed classic matches from our Hockey Victoria premier league and VAFA library. In addition to April’s #MSLRewind initiative which featured – 30 streams, in 30 days – showcasing the extensive range of coverage we’ve produced over the past seven years and counting.

In March we relaunched a new arm of our organisation – My Event Live. It’s been exciting to get that off the ground and host events, seminars and panels for all industries that require streaming, video or media solutions.

It’s been particularly pleasing to join forces with Karralyka Centre, and livestream musical productions, concerts and exclusive Pay Per View events.


“Over the past few months it’s been as important as ever to communicate and engage with the world.” MSL Managing Director Andrew Weiss said.

“The My Event Live relaunch was sparked to ensure organisations across any sector could continue to reach their members and stakeholders in this constantly changing climate.”

“With MEL, we’re looking forward to working closely with a whole new range of clients across all industries, on top of the sports side of our operations at MSL.”

If you require any media services to better communicate with your stakeholders, please check out our websites – – or get in touch directly on 0402 447 783.