My Sport Live (MSL) is extremely excited and proud to launch its very own content platform and range of Apps in a huge step forward for distributing sport content.

In a significant win for Australian sporting organisations, event organisers and clubs around the country, the platform is a first in that we both produce and distribute all of the content ourselves.

As one of Australian sport’s longest running live-streaming companies, the platform already contains more than 5,000 events and over 10,000 hours worth of content.

The MSL platform is now available to access via

Apps across a number of stores including iOS, tvOS, Android and Android TV are available to download – allowing all of the content to be viewable across multiple devices.

Being an all-in-one end-to-end content provider means that My Sport Live can continue to lead the way in providing top-quality, affordable production services to sports around the country.

The platform will provide multiple opportunities for sports to disseminate content with subscription, rental, pay-per-view and free services available, and helps provide a significant new income stream to each sport.

Speaking about the launch, MSL Managing Director Andrew Weiss said it was an exciting step forward in working with and for sports around Australia to better promote themselves.

“For the best part of a decade now we have been working collaboratively with the industry – helping provide a much needed mechanism to showcase and promote each sport and sporting organisation,” Weiss said.

“We have always been ‘for sport’, and have always offered affordable, quality productions and services working within each sports’ budgets and requirements.

“This really is a huge step as not only can we now continue do that, but we have a model designed to allow sports to monetise their own content, create new income streams, and at the same time provide a platform to mass promote their product.

“And further to that, the portal looks wonderful and provides a fantastic opportunity for sports to collate all their historical content into one easily accessible library.”

My Sport Live Director Chris Nash said that the decision to invest in the platform was all about recognising some of the major the needs of the industry, and working out the best way to help with maximising content.

“It’s certainly a significant day for My Sport Live and indeed the industry as a whole,” Nash said.

“We have been producing content as MSL for so long, and now we have the ability to distribute that content ourselves, which is a huge step forward for content delivery in this country.

“It means that throughout the entire event process from initial enquiry to pre-production to production and to distribution, MSL is behind the wheel. That means greater flexibility in administration, time investment, cost and efficiency within each production.”

To find out more about the platform and how it could benefit your organisation, please contact Andrew Weiss via

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